About Med Match Realty Group

MedMatch Realty Group is an intentionally assembled team of real estate personnel whose unique backgrounds create synergy in serving Medical and Healthcare Professionals. Formed in 2019, MedMatch was created to fill a void that existed in Central Indiana’s real estate industry for a knowledgeable, talented, and diverse team dedicated to serving this population. The level of specialized focus gives us an edge in understanding needs and potential obstacles, and allows us to keep our finger constantly on the proverbial pulse of the changes in the market that are most relevant to YOU. An understanding of the necessary perspective, along with access to special programs, creative negotiation strategies, and white glove service have made us Central Indiana’s most trusted real estate team for Physicians. In this role, we aim to foster the growth of a talented and diverse Medical workforce in central Indiana through real estate related services, community building, relevant advocacy work, and reimagined wellness initiatives. Our VISION is a state transformed and renewed by Medical Providers who feel well cared for , affording them the capacity to care well for our neighbors and communities.

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